"Our Driving Force - Our Founder"

Eloise is the Founder of Original Ground. Her passion for organic and natural clothing came from the desire to purchase good quality, staple items, that won’t harm the environment and will help support a healthy, active lifestyle.

As a Yoga Teacher and Mom, eating healthily exercising are really important to her…  as is being comfortable and feeling good in what she wears.

Eloise understands that there isn’t always time in our busy lives to trawl the high street for that ‘perfect white top’. So, here at Original Ground, you will always find a refined selection, keeping browsing to a minimum, but ensuring you are confident that you will be able to find high quality, long lasting, absolutely 100% organic products.

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from the ground up

Born as a brand that uniquely caters to today’s earth-conscious consumer, we proudly offer a selection of Organic Cotton apparel ethically produced from the ground up. Through disruptive innovation and ecological ingenuity, we have developed eco-elegant clothing and accessories you can wear without feeling guilty.  

GOTS Organic Cotton Clothing

sustainability of planet earth

Connected by an inherent sense of community and togetherness, all of earth’s inhabitants can at some point find common ground. Driven by a fundamental purpose and committed to global conservation, our founder has set out to revolutionize the world of wearable fashion and ethical consumerism with clothes, accessories and other goods that embody the resiliency and sustainability of planet earth.

Yoga teacher and Mom | Original Ground

from start to finish

The team here at Original Ground is made up of earthlings passionately dedicated to advocating for environmental humanitarianism by offering clean, all natural, organic fashion. From start to finish, each piece is manifested with care and responsibility. Unlike brands that mass produce their products, we only use energy-efficient inks and high quality dyes that are biobased, biodegradable and toxin free.

GOTS Organic Cotton Clothing

doing our part to help

We strive to be completely transparent in order to provide our customers with peace of mind. You can shop with confidence knowing we are doing our part to help you live environmentally conscious. Our collections prove men and women can support local suppliers and also rock clothing that is as next to natural as possible.